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Investment Application Process

Applicants for CNS funding are required to complete an online application. This consists of the following:

  1. Executive summary (500 words max).

  2. Business development plan, including figures and key data. Applicants should use this section to explain the market opportunity involved, the background science and rationale, work completed to date, the amount of funding sought, and what the funding will be used for.

  3. Technical methods, a broad experimental plan, and a description of current facilities and equipment needs should be provided.

  4. Innovation and impact—Position the project within current medical practice and/or the scientific literature to highlight what is novel and innovative.

  5. Scalability—Explain how the research can be scaled to a commercial opportunity. 

  6. Intellectual property—Discuss the current status of relevant IP.

  7. Budget—How much money is being sought and what will it be used for?

  8. SWOT analysis—Provide a brief and concise analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats surrounding the proposed business.

  9. Anticipated exit event/timetable/project milestones.

  10. Primary applicant’s biographical sketch/resume, as well as that of others that are relevant.

Each application to CNS will be evaluated as follows:

  1. Application does not meet investment criteria: Applications that do not meet the predefined investment criteria will be notified via email that their investment opportunity does not meet the core investment parameters of CNS. When appropriate, CNS may choose to refer the entrepreneur to one or more of the entrepreneurial support entities with which it is familiar.

  2. Application meets initial investment criteria: Promising opportunities will be presented to the Investment committee chaired by the director of CNS. If appropriate, other potential co-investors will be invited to participate and evaluate the opportunity based primarily on the submitted application and a review prepared by CNS. If a decision is made to proceed, a preliminary term sheet will be prepared and presented to the applicant. If accepted, further due diligence may be undertaken. This likely will entail a meeting in which the applicants make a formal presentation to CNS. Following this a final term sheet will be forwarded to the applicant and, if approved, the applicant will be funded.

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